Get Viber Out Credits and make international call to anyone

Send credit to Viber Out numbers to anyone from or top up your own Viber Out account.

Viber Out is an affordable international calls service. It allows to reach any phone number, local or international even if they don’t have Viber. You can call landlines and mobiles using Viber Out. Viber Out works on smartphones, PC and Mac. It is an affordable alternative to expensive international phone calls with traditional telecom operators.

How to buy Viber Out Credits on
– login to your account on or create an account

– select country

– select Viber Out Credit

– type Viber Out mobile number

The phone number must be registered with Viber Out

– select credit amount from 1 USD or EURO

– select payment method

You can find your local payment method during checkout. We accept more than 300 payment methods from almost all countries of the world.

– press “Buy now”

The money will be credited instantly on the beneficiary’s Viber Out number. They will get a confirmation message from Viber.

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